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Mid-Year Statistics for AAWEAR

s of September 30, 2016 the AAWEAR Peers have reported the following statistics from April 1 - September 30, 2016:

  • 2720 clients served
  • 935 condoms distributed
  • 771 Needle Bags distributed, including clean injection supplies, waters, cookers, alcohol swabs, filters, ties
  • 18 First Aid Kits handed out
  • 997 Referrals to community organizations

We continue to appreciate our community partnerships, and would like to specifically recognize Calgary Alpha House Society, Safeworks, ARCHES, Rotary Club, Streetworks, Boyle Street, and The ARCH Team (to name a few). Thank you as well to our funders who support us in the work that we do within the communities of Lethbridge, Calgary and Edmonton.