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Another Excellent Provincial Meeting

The conclusion of a wonderful Provincial Meeting! The Chapters continue to do amazing work in the community! Between 27 - 30 people attended the meeting and discussed the presence of fentanyl in the community, and the prevalence of fentanyl being mixed into other drugs, which has resulted in an increased amount of overdoses. The groups continue to advocate for individuals to attend the free Naloxone Overdose Prevention trainings offered in Calgary, Edmonton and Lethbridge. Harm reduction and outreach supplies continue to be in high demand, with referrals primarily focused on housing, detox, Naloxone training, id clinics, medical, and STI/HIV resources. 

The group also received a collaborative training session on the importance of peer relationships and rapport in community initiatives courtesy of Stasha Huntingford. Discussions regarding society status and the path forward continue within the groups.