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From April 1, 2016 to March 31, 2017 AAWEAR collected the following stats:

  • Engaged with 6656 individuals who use drugs

  • Made contact with 1673 women and 2244 FNMI individuals

  • 2704 Condoms Distributed

  • 2815 Safe injection supply bags (needles, water, ties, cookers, alcohol swabs, gloves, etc)

  • 45 First Aid Kits handed out

  • 33 peers assisted with wound care

  • Completed 1959 referrals to various social services, medical facilities, mental health support, and support for those living with, or at risk of contracting, HIV and HCV. 

We would like to think our amazing Peer Outreach Workers for their hard work and ongoing compassion and care they show towards the population we serve. We would also like to thank our Facilitators and Volunteers for their ongoing support towards AAWEAR. Without our funders, ACHF and CRISM, we would not be able to conduct the work we so passionately believe in.