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Check out this training video ft. the members of AAWEAR

AAWEAR members have been involved in the development and production of an online e-learning tool in collaboration with the SHARP Foundation and Alberta Health Services (Safeworks). This scenario based training has been developed for front-line staff working in health and community based organisations supporting  individuals with complex needs. Speakers in the video talk about compassionate judgement-free care and how the harm reduction approach can make a difference for those who need support.

Collective Voices Report

To mark the first National Harm Reduction Day in Canada (June 12th, 2014), CAPUD is releasing a report calling for dramatic changes in the participation of people who use illicit drugs in the services, policies and research that directly impact their lives. [download the report below]

The report, Collective Voices/Effecting Change, is the result of a national meeting of fourteen organizations of people who use drugs from across Canada in October 2013. Meeting in Victoria BC, and hosted by members of SOLID, representatives highlighted multiple issues that impact the health, safety and well-being of people who use drugs. The report outlines main issues all groups face, including lack of access to affordable housing, stigma and discrimination in access to housing and health care services, police harassment, criminalization and the need for drug policy reform, and lack of harm reduction services, particularly in rural areas.

Upholding the human rights of people who use drugs means ending these forms of discrimination, and the way to do this is to ensure people who use drugs are at the table when it comes to health services, research and drug policy. The report is geared towards immediate action on the ground, calling directly on people who are developing policy, programs, services and undertaking research to recognize these issues and to follow through on our recommendations.

Please click here to read the final report from June 2014.


Provincial Meeting

Fantastic turnout for our March 2014 provincial meeting! Congratulations to 16 of our members that received their advanced CPR certificate on the Day 2 of the training! 

We also had almost 30 people turn out for our business meeting on day one planning and organising for the upcoming financial year. Special thank you to Gayatri Moorthi for her presentation on International Peer Support Models.